Our Mission

The District Attorney, as a public prosecutor of both criminal and civil cases, ensures that justice is done and that the rights of all are safeguarded. The district attorney works with every component of the criminal justice system and the entire community, to protect the innocent, to convict and appropriately punish the guilty, and to protect the rights of victims and witnesses.

Who We Are

  • ASSISTANT D.A.    

George Marquez

District Attorney

  George Marquez is the District Attorney of Imperial County. Prior to becoming the District Attorney, Mr. Marquez obtained extensive experience both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He was employed as a Deputy Public Defender at the Imperial County Public Defender's Office where he represented indigent criminal defendants in cases of varying complexity for approximately three and a half years.

Prior to joining the Public Defender, Mr. Marquez was a Deputy District Attorney at the Imperial County District Attorney's Office for approximately eight and a half years. During that time, he prosecuted cases of varying difficulty including third strike cases. He was also the juvenile prosecutor for approximately four years. Mr. Marquez has been an adjunct professor of criminal justice at San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus and at the University of Phoenix. He has taught more than thirty criminal justice classes. In addition, he has conducted numerous trainings to law enforcement regarding testifying in court and prosecution related issues. He has lectured and trained educators regarding juvenile delinquency and truancy issues.

Mr. Marquez believes a District Attorney's Office should have a strong community outreach component. Mr. Marquez has given bilingual presentations throughout the county regarding juvenile delinquency to both students and parents. Mr. Marquez has been a member of the Calexico Rotary Club since 2018 and he was a former Board of Director of CASA of Imperial County.

Mr. Marquez was raised in El Centro where he attended public school and his father owned a business. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching baseball games, and cooking for his friends and family.

Mr. Marquez earned his Bachelor Degree from California State University San Marcos and a Juris Doctorate from Western State University College of Law.


Jeffrey Brooker

Assistant District Attorney

Jeffrey Brooker is the Assistant District Attorney with the Imperial County District

Attorney’s Office. Prior to becoming the Assistant District Attorney of

Imperial County, Jeffrey was a Supervising City Attorney at the San Diego City

Attorney’s Office where he managed the Gun Violence Response Unit representing

the San Diego Police Department. 

When he joined the City Attorney’s Office in 2014, Jeffrey prosecuted cases in the

Domestic Violence Unit and Sex Crimes Unit. In 2016, Jeffrey was assigned to the

San Diego Police Department (SDPD) prosecuting crimes out of the Vice Unit, the

Criminal Intelligence Unit, Gangs Unit, as well as California Department of

Justice’s Human Trafficking Task Force.

From 2007-2014, Jeffrey served as a Deputy District Attorney with the Imperial

County District Attorney’s Office where he prosecuted everything from

misdemeanors to violent felonies.

Jeffrey has been designated by P.O.S.T. as a subject matter expert in domestic violence and

gun violence restraining orders. Jeffrey has conducted law enforcement trainings

and has lectured statewide and at the national level on the implementation of

red flag laws as a tool for law enforcement to reduce gun violence.

Jeffrey was also an adjunct professor at San Diego State University College of Extended

Studies from 2017 to 2020 where he lectured on International Comparative

Constitutional and Criminal law to undergraduate and post graduate students.

Jeffrey achieved his Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and earned a Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University.


Bureau Mission Statement

The Imperial County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigation is dedicated to the protection of our communities and serving the victims of crime in Imperial County. Our goal is to create a sense of security for our citizens through vigorous enforcement of criminal and civil laws in a just, honest, efficient, and ethical manner.

About the Bureau

  • The District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation is comprised of sworn peace officers as described in Penal Code 830.1 and civilian personnel who perform a wide variety of investigative functions.
  • The District Attorney's investigative authority is the most comprehensive of all local law enforcement agencies. The investigative functions of the District Attorney extend far beyond the traditional support of prosecuting attorneys in hearings and trials to complex and specialized investigations not routinely handled by the detectives in traditional sheriffs and police agencies.
  • The District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation's primary role is to provide prosecutorial support that assists the Deputy District Attorneys in proving the criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Even though all criminal cases require investigative support, staffing levels allow only a few individual cases (or in some cases particular programs augmented by grant funding) to receive extensive investigative attention based in large measure on the case’s size, potential impact, or sensitivity.
  • In addition to these duties, the Bureau of Investigation conducts officer-involved shooting investigations, protected person operations, assists in grand jury investigations, and public integrity investigations.


The mission of the Victim-Witness Program of the Office of the District Attorney is to support victims and witnesses with services that will help them cope with the aftermath of victimization and help make their participation in the system less difficult and burdensome. This program works closely with other local, state, and county offices to provide assistance to victims and their families.


Melissa Lopez-Moore


The Imperial County Victim Witness Assistance Program is operated through the Imperial County District Attorney's Office. The program has trained and experienced advocates to work with victims, witnesses and their a=families throughout and beyond the criminal justice process. Penal Code section 13835.5 authorized the following services provided:


  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Counseling Resource Referral
  • Assistance in filing a California Victim Compensation claim.
  • Assistance in getting the victim's property returned.
  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice System.
  • Court Escort & Support
  • Case status or Disposition Information.
  • Notification to Family & Friends.
  • Notification to Employer.
  • Restitution Assistance.


  • Creditor Intervention
  • Child Care Assistance
  • Witness Notification
  • Funeral Arrangement Assistance
  • Crime Prevention Information
  • Witness Protection Assistance
  • Temporary Restraining Order


  • Transportation Assistance
  • Employer Intervention


(442) 265-1221

Contact Us

If you are a defendant in a criminal case and you are represented by an attorney, the California Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit the District Attorney from communicating directly with you concerning your case. Please contact your attorney if you have questions concerning your case.

District Attorney’s Office
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El Centro, California 92243
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Child Support

As a result of state legislation, the Imperial County District Attorney's Office no longer has jurisdiction over child support collection and services. Please contact the Department of Child Support Services for more information.

Reporting a Crime

To report a crime, your first call must be made to your local police agency or responsible investigating agency. Police investigators and agencies respond to criminal complaints and, if they conclude charges should be filed, the case is referred to the District Attorney's Office for review.

Jury Service

Questions about jury duty can be answered by visiting the Jury Services page on the Superior Court website.

Community Outreach

District Attorney George Marquez, prosecutors and investigators are available to speak to community groups on criminal justice topics of interest. Presentations may focus on child abuse, elder abuse, juvenile justice, domestic violence, gang violence, workers’ compensation fraud, identity theft, and other areas of concern. To request a speaker, please fill up the Community Outreach Form.